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October 07, 2021 to October 07, 2021
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Philadelphia, Philadelphia,, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States, 19102

About This Event

For thousands of insect species, goldenrod is a critically important, life-giving plant, the last chance for pollen and nectar before winter settles in. For migrating monarch butterflies, it is fuel that powers the trip to Mexico. Honey bees depend on it for the last burst of honey-making. Crab spiders and praying mantises rely on it for luring insects for them to eat. For people, it is a tragically misunderstood plant. And for peacock flies? We’ll let that be a surprise. Mike Weilbacher gives you a virtual up-close tour of the amazing diversity of creatures inhabiting a goldenrod patch.
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