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Caution: There\'ll be ghosts in your machine when you use your computer to go on a poltergeist-plagued online scavenger hunt. Your team will go for a virtual walk to and within haunted places and learn the stories of their ghosts, as you search for answers to tricky questions about them via some surprising websites. You’ll visit Philadelphia’s creepy Eastern Penitentiary and its bygone prisoners; the Hollywood Hotel where Marilyn Monroe and other celeb ghosts haven’t checked out; and the Salem Witch Trial Memorial where you’ll learn the chilling fate of Giles Corey, just to name a few of the ghost-plagued places and chilling tales you’ll discover.\ \ No previous knowledge is required. Teams of up to six can play together or remotely. Advance booking is required. Questions? Call 877-9GO-HUNT.\
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  • Dinner - 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm Monday - SaturdaySunday2 pm - 7 pm
Due to COVID-19 our restaurant is open only for takeout orders Reserve